There is no strategy for winning at slot machines. Only programmers know the mechanisms of these machines algorithms that lead to gains, but in no way affect the results, and increase the chances of vinde.E lost time trying to interpret “the justification online slots no chance anything decrifrare, strongly . Some websites offer you tips for winning at slots ?, Good magicians Compare that to the fake, cheap, short, forget it.

the only way to pull off something, it is once again the use of equipment, those who would use an experienced player who is very different from the “play Sunday” (casinos serve with the latter type of player) .The first absolute rule (we repeat) is to manage their own capital to invest for betting. You can not win every day at the slot machines, or in life … (Because you call this game?). Be sure bet a few cents will not make you win something while hundreds of betting the euro will take to exhaust all your budget in a few seconds so your budget is not outdated, and suspend the game to win first.The algorithms of slot machine, based on a solts game which in practice means “random number generator”.

It is impossible to measure each result in an accurate way, so it is better to focus on the payout percentages of these video slot machines. The average margin of the table is about 3%. Playing in the long term opening will give you as 1.94 cents for every two US dollars tournaments. Of course, no one would play slot machines if he could receive 1.94 cents every time he plays two euros. But here intervenes and Fortune, a slot machine is programmed to return the deposit at once that do not know …. E. a walk. Bingo !. This makes slots one of the most exciting games.