Cheaters on Roulette wheels

All casinos need a license to operate however not all have applied for that license and some casino establishments are probably cheating their one-way players or another trying to make a quick buck. One way an illegal casino operator might try to cheat their patrons is by installing fixed roulette wheels to give an unfair advantage to the house.

The first thing on the list is electromagnets. These are placed in four spaces equally; they are placed around the stationary roulette bowl. The magnet is used in the alignment of the ball bearing steel base. If the magnetic force is activated, the ball is removed from the upper race and brought down. The dealer will have a hidden button to help control the ball. An expert dealer is necessary to control the ball. He would be familiar with the layout of the roulette wheel. The dealer can then easily maneuver the ball away from numbers with high bets.

Another cheater can be the casino operator who installs his roulette wheel a magnet in the specific pockets. The ball is attracted to these certain pockets and the other pockets will be avoided.

The expert dealer can choose between the two ways to install magnets on the roulette wheel. He can choose first or last and in affect he has complete control of the ball that removes any chance the player could have of winning.

Tampering with roulette wheels is not only the domain of the casino. Some can sneak in the middle of the night and try to force the wheel with the use of pliers and tools. What he can do is loosen up the pocket frets; they do it by twisting the fret forward and backward. Unraveled separators will now draw the energy of the ball. Thus the guilty one tries to have a “predisposed wheel”.

The easiest way to install on a roulette wheel is called “firing ball.” A perforated hole has been made on the upper side of the ball, a very tiny hole. The author will put a pin in the hole, a spring loaded type of pin, just below the outer layer.

This kind of tampering will need a dealer to execute the cheat. The dealer will flip a tiny lever from under the table. The tension in the cable will force the bolt to go against the spring. The ball will pop out slowly on your track. The expert dealer needs the exact timimg when the ball falls. The dealer must watch the ball early to execute the cheat.

Players should be cautious in choosing a casino where they want to play roulette. Some casinos are not afraid to drop their license, because they do not have licenses in the first place. And the most likely operators of these kinds of casinos are not afraid to cheat on their players to control the lost money. It is always suggested that players visit reputable casinos to expect the free-wheeling of roulette.